Can you believe it’s already that time of year again?  Time to think about next school year’s school supplies!

As a service to the MTA community, the Guild’s “Back to School Pack” committee works with the company 1st Day School Supplies and the MTA teachers each year to provide families with an easy, one-stop-shop for ordering school supplies.  If you order through the website (, you are assured that your student is equipped with the exact supplies the teacher has requested and the box, full of all the supplies, is sitting on your student’s desk or in the classroom on the night of Open House, ready to go.  (If you aren’t able to make Open House, the supplies will be waiting on the first day of school.)  

Simply go to this website: and use the zip code 85014 to find our school and your child’s grade level.  (Prices vary depending on supplies provided.)


Buying the pack is not required and you are certainly welcome to purchase your supplies the old fashioned way.  If you’d like to do it on your own, here are the supply request lists for each grade level:

0 Kindergarten Supply List 17-18

1st Grade Supply List 17-18

2nd Grade Supply List 17-18

3rd Grade Supply List 17-18

4th Grade Supply List 17-18

5th Grade Supply List 17-18

6th Grade Supply List 17-18

7th Grade Supply List 17-18

8th Grade Supply List 17-18