And that’s a wrap!  The final Guild meeting for the 2017-2018 school year is in the bag!  Thank you to everyone who came out last night.  Here’s a link to the presentation if you weren’t able to make it:

We also completed a great brainstorming session.  We placed posters around the room with different topics and parents stuck post-its to them with their own ideas.


In case you can’t read it on the pictures:

Save It – Stop spending money on these things: Noon Duty Aides, Crossing Guards (parents can do this), We have spent enough money on computers, yoga

Add It – Ideas for activities you’d love to see the Guild sponsor:  Foreign language, Apex Fun Run, Events that focus on cultural diversity, Better volunteering choices, More family events, foreign language, community service project, Spanish classes at all grades, community service, after school tutors, More $1 jean days to raise money, more family activities to raise money, language, Mom’s Club, More dollar dress down days, different languages, fun run, another book fair so that we get 2/year, more buck a jean/dress down, trivia night, Guild to pay for sports/activities while kids in recess

Spend It – Ideas for things to add to the Guild budget:  Technology (coding class), teacher’s aid, put funding toward STEM extra-curriculars, establish tools for 2nd language options k-8, Better grass on the big playground, Odyssey of the Mind, Giant MTA OWL logo below scoreboard, raw materials in the classroom for kids to create free of strict lesson plan guidelines

Other – What else is on your  mind:  Keep castles and coasters!, what to do about wasted lunch food, More community outreach (raise funds for food shelters, shoe drives, at risk youth, etc.), Have special items at the cafeteria or after school and money goes to Guild, have parents put in at the beginning of the year for teacher gifts instead of multiple times at holidays, end of year etc., communication gaps between parents & school, why has bullying in younger grades not been properly addressed, family fun run, scholarship for sports, removing the rocks by the kindergarten playground

Follow Up on Some of Items Above

Foreign Language – Foreign language has been a constant item of concern and interest at MTA.  There are many reasons why it will probably not happen at MTA as a regular course during the school day – school is out of classroom space, finding an appropriately certified teacher is difficult/almost impossible, the Rosetta Stone subscription was not renewed by the district etc.  Further, the Guild is not allowed to pay the salary for certified staff.  There has been some talk of the Guild sponsoring an afterschool club/class and we’ve been exploring that, as well, but there seems to be some district hurdles with regard to that idea, as well.  If you have other ideas, please let us know!

Fun Run –  We’re having one next year!  Our 2017 Fun Run will be held on October 20th at Sunnyslope High School in the evening.  Save the date!

Community Service – We’re working on this!  We’re hoping to have a schoolwide community service project next spring.  Stay tuned for details!

Mom’s Club – We’re hoping to have a “moms only” event in the spring!  More to come on this!

Scholarships for Sports – This already exists!  We have the Dad’s Club Scholarship – more info here:

We will continue to explore the other items on the list and keep you updated!  In the meantime, please comment here, email, etc. if you have additional ideas!  Also, if you have info or ideas related to the items above, please let us know!  Thank you everyone!