Guild Membership / Family Directory

JOIN MTA’s Parent Organization “THE GUILD” Today!

When you join the Guild, you:
  • Provide Resources that fall outside of the district budget
  • Receive access to the MTA On-Line Directory
  • Stay connected with the MTA Community
  • Receive a FREE printed directory at the $25 Owlet level and up

There are 2 ways to join:

It’s never too late to join the Guild and get access to the continuously updated on-line directory.

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Guild Membership


MTA Guild Membership Form

MTA Guild – Family Directory

The Guild maintains a school-wide online-directory thru MySchoolAnywhere. When you join the Guild you will receive online access. Printed copies are provided to those who donate at the $25 Owlet level or higher. (Printed directories are not sold separately.)

How to enter or update your family and student information:

**NOTE** Please have your information/changes submitted by September 2nd to be included in the printed directory.

If you have questions about Guild Membership, the Directory or Advertising please contact the committee chairs: Wendy Rodriquez & Natalie Newell at:

Thank you for your continued support of MTA and the GUILD!

New Families

Enter invitation code: GuildDirectory

Returning Families

You will receive a personalized email to access your MySchoolAnywhere account to update your student’s teacher and to make any changes to your contact information. (If you did not receive an email please contact the committee at