The Board of Directors has approved a draft version of our amended and restated bylaws and intend to submit them for a vote of our Membership at our next Guild Meeting, May 6th, 2019.  Here is a copy of the approved bylaws and our current bylaws. You may also request a copy of these bylaws by email at: info@MTAGuild.Org.  

These approved bylaws must be approved by a two-thirds (⅔) majority of our members present at our next meeting on May 6th. The Comment and Enrollment Period is underway.  Please submit your comments in writing to: info@MTAGuild.Org no later than April 26th, 2019.  

In order to vote on the proposed bylaws you must have paid your membership dues by April 26th, 2019.  If you have not already paid your membership dues, this year, you may pay dues of $10.00 per family online at our Guild Store, or by delivering a check to the Guild Mailbox in the Administrative Office of Madison Traditional Academy,  no later than Friday April 26th, 2019. If you have questions regarding membership, please email

MTA Guild Bylaws (Current)

MTA Guild Bylaws (Approved)